Iguazu Falls: Brazil or Argentina? Iguazu Falls Brazil

The greatest system of waterfalls in the world. One of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. A UNESCO World Heritage site. Iguazu Falls seem far from everywhere, so many travellers skip them while in South America. Don’t make this mistake. It will be one of the most incredible places you will ever see.

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One Day Only – Zagreb, Croatia Zagreb Croatia

Let’s be honest – Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, wasn’t on our bucket list, and we didn’t know much about the city before. But now, after visiting it, we know that Zagreb is definitely worth a trip. This is our take on how to spend a perfect day in Zagreb…

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Our Biggest Travel Regrets Tongariro New Zealand

After seeing our photos on social media, you might get the impression that our travels are just rainbows and unicorns. But even though we visited almost 50 countries, took hundreds of flights and went on many adventures, sometimes we still make bad decisions…

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