Our Biggest Travel Regrets Tongariro New Zealand -

After seeing our photos on social media you might get an impression that our travels are just rainbows and unicorns. But even though we visited almost 50 countries, took hundreds of flights and went on many adventures, we still make bad decisions…

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Iguazu Falls: Brazil or Argentina? Iguazu Falls Brazil -

Iguazu Falls (or Iguaçu Falls) are located on the border between Brazil and Argentina and are one of the most amazing natural wonders in the world. We loved exploring the area and it was one of the most incredible places we have ever seen – it really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience…

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One Day Only – Zagreb, Croatia Zagreb Croatia -

Let’s be honest – Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, wasn’t on our bucket list and we didn’t know much about the city before. But now, after we had been there, we know that Zagreb is definitely worth a trip. This is our take on how to spend a perfect day in Zagreb…

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Kangaroo Island Road Trip: What to See in 3 Days Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island, Australia -

While planning our road trip to South Australia, we came across an island with a very intriguing name – Kangaroo Island. It caught our attention immediately because, as all first-time visitors to Australia, we wanted to see kangaroos, lots of kangaroos…

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2018 – First Year Travelling with a Baby Prague, Czech Republic -

Last year was different from the previous ones because we became new parents so we had to change the way we travel – to slow down. Our travels in 2018 weren’t about quantity but the quality and these are our favourite moments…

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Croatia Road Trip: Best of the Adriatic in 7 Days Dubrovnik, Croatia -

What would your dream holiday in Europe look like? What about picturesque historic towns, dramatic coast, crystal-clear waters, pretty islands, various national parks and amazing views around every corner? If it sounds good, a Croatia road trip could be your next perfect holiday…

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7 Reasons to Visit Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina -

We decided to visit Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina during our road trip in Croatia, it was just a short detour on the way down to Dubrovnik. It was a great idea and we were glad that we have finally seen this beautiful city, which went through so much in the past. Find out why you shouldn’t miss Mostar on your next trip to the Balkans…

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One Day Only – Brno, Czech Republic Brno, Czech Republic -

The city of Brno is strategically located between Prague (Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria) and Bratislava (Slovakia), making it a great city-break choice if you are thinking of visiting Central Europe. It’s less crowded, cheaper and more laid back, but still very interesting and authentic… Find out what to see and do there if you have one day only…

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6 Lessons from Our First Year of Travel Blogging Guinness Lake, Wicklow Mountains, Ireland -

With so many travel blogs around you might be wondering what it’s like to be a blogger and you might be even considering this path for yourself. Our blog TravelFromSquareOne.com celebrated its first birthday a while ago so we took our time to look back and think about our journey of travel bloggers – this is what we have learnt…

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Loop Head Peninsula – Hidden Gem of the West Coast of Ireland Loop Head Peninsula, Ireland -

The west coast of Ireland is home to many stunning sights and the easiest way to explore it is to follow the Wild Atlantic Way. But there are many interesting places situated a little further that are worth the detour. One of these is the Loop Head Peninsula in County Clare. If you are looking for unspoilt and dramatic coast without the crowds, don’t miss it…

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