Greece is a dream holiday destination for many travellers. This country, which is considered the birthplace of Western civilisation, is well known especially for its islands and extensive coastline. But these are not the only reasons why to fall in love with Greece.

Be amazed by the fascinating history. Ancient sights. White, black, red and pink beaches. Mountain ranges. Magical sunsets. Stunning views. Whitewashed villages. Lively cities. Beautiful art. Delicious cuisine full of fresh produce and flavours. Friendly and welcoming people. People who love life.

Let Greece inspire you to live your life to the fullest.


Quick Facts

Population:             11 million

Area:                        131,957 km2

Capital:                    Athens

Currency:                Euro (EUR)

Language:              Greek

Electricity:              Plug type C & F (two pins), voltage 230V/50Hz

Driving:                   On the right-hand side of the road

Time:                       Eastern European Time Zone (GMT +2.00), Summer (Daylight Saving Time) is observed in Greece

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