The United States of America is a country of diversity and contrasts.

Each of the 50 states is completely different and offers different experiences.

It’s a country of stunning national parks, mountains, forests, rivers and lakes. But also dramatic coast, exotic islands and picture-perfect beaches. Rainforests and deserts. Bustling cities, quiet countryside and so much more.

Choosing where to go and what to see is a challenge and everyone will be spoilt for choice.

The USA is the ultimate destination for road trips but you will need to visit it many times to get to know it at least a little.

It’s also a country of adventures – whatever it means to you.

There are so many iconic places in the United States and most people have at least one dream destination there.

Which one is yours?


Quick Facts

Population:             325 million

Area:                         9,834 million km2

Capital:                    Washington D.C.

Currency:                United States Dollar (USD)

Language:               English

Electricity:               Plug type A & B (two or three pins), voltage 120V/60Hz

Driving:                     On the right-hand side of the road

Time:                        There are nine time zones in the USA, Summer (Daylight Saving) Time is observed only in some of the states

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