Wilderness, never-ending forests, picture-perfect mountains, rivers and lakes with crystal clear water, powerful waterfalls…

Canada, which is the second largest country in the world, is renowned for its vast landscape and unspoiled nature.

It’s a paradise for outdoor and sports enthusiasts who can enjoy many activities there at any time of the year.

Canada is also home to multicultural cities, historical towns and rich aboriginal heritage.

Simply put, there is something interesting for everyone.

But it will take more than just one visit to get to know this likeable country at least a little.

Quick Facts

Population:              36 million

Area:                          10 million km2

Capital:                      Ottawa

Currency:                 Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Language:                English, French

Electricity:                Plug type A & B (two or three pins), voltage 120V/60Hz

Driving:                     On the right-hand side of the road

Time:                         There are six time zones in Canada, Summer (Daylight Saving) Time is observed in most of Canada

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